Travel Bloggin’

I’ve lost track of how many blog platforms I’ve used over the last 15 years.  Everything from home-spun code to iWeb.  Now, all defunct.  With more travel looming, it seemed appropriate to give another one a try.  Hence, this.

I’m headed to Italy for a couple weeks.  I’ll use this site to let my mom know that I’m still alive.  Any meaningful content is an unintended side effect.

Be warned, I occasionally get introspective.  It’s the nature of the blog platform I suppose.  So, here goes!

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1 thought on “Travel Bloggin’”

  1. Your mother appreciates this, not only to know you’re safe and having a good time, but because I can vicariously enjoy a couple weeks in Italy (except for the grip iron bars while climbing steep, rocky mountains part).

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