In which I eat all the food

Somewhere along the way today, I believe my brain broke just a little bit.  I forgot that I’ll be in Italy for the next couple weeks, and instead tried to cram a lifetime of Italian food into a very short period of time.

Not that I’m complaining mind you.

Kicked off the day with the pleasant discovery that the included breakfast at my hotel is not only acceptable, but rather pleasant.  Espresso, a piece of fruit, a cornetto, how can you lose?

From there, it was the long (<pretentious>normal people long</pretentious>) walk up to Piazza Wagner, home of the largest daily food market in Milan.  The walk was a pleasant journey through a very “normal” (as in non-touristy) side of Milan.  Stumbled upon the local Lotus dealer – Evora, Exige, Elise and an Esprit!  That’s some deep stock (for a Lotus dealer).

The market at Piazza Wagner is nothing like the Mercato Centrale in Florence, it’s one of five Mercati Comunali in Milan and it still had a high acceptable selection of food.  Grabbed some focaccia, salame, prosciutto, and cheeses, along with some cherries and saturn peaches.  Day two, and my Italian has recovered to the point that I can ask things like “what would you recommend?” and understand the responses.  The very aged pecorino in particular is remarkable – very spicy.

So, picnic lunches, plus plenty of snacks for the next day or so.  Then, perhaps, another visit to the mercato.

Tonight, I’m eying a local Roman restaurant for dinner, followed by my continued quest to Eat All The Gelato In Milan.

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  1. Hi Colin! I’m enjoying your blog so much! Have a great trip and enjoy every bite of that wonderful Italian food!

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