Devils Tower

The United States is very large.

Obnoxiously large one might say.

Drove ten hours today. Only touched three different states.

Right then – Devils Tower.  First off, let’s talk about the apostrophe.  Apparently there used to be one (it is the Devil’s Tower after all), but geographic naming standards say they get removed (thanks wikipedia).  That seems bonkers.

I’m staying at the Devils Tower Lodge, which is accessed via dirt road from inside the park.  It’s way far away from everything.  There are hippies.

The drive took about ten hours, and I rolled in about 6pm.  Communal dinner – a mix of dedicated climbers and older touristy types.

The lodge itself is basically a split level home.  In many ways, I’m reminded of some of the places I stayed on the camino.

Tomorrow, I climb the tower.  It’s much taller than I expected.  So, yeah.  Onward.

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