To the South

Let’s not beat around the bush. I’m an left-coast-wannabee pretentious liberal yuppie snob, deeply entrenched in hipster foodie asshole culture. A pro-gays, anti-gun eurocentric peacenik.

I do not have a high opinion of the south.

But I’ve never really been there either.

Time to change that. I’m currently enroute to Charleston, South Carolina for a few days.

Aside from some walking, I have a pretty limited set of agenda items for my visit. The only “site” I’m planning to hit is Fort Sumpter – I’m primarily just looking forward to wandering the streets of a city with a rich history, enjoying some southern food, and getting a sense of the place.

Some would argue that calling Charleston “the south” is like calling Austin “Texas” but it seems like a nice, gentle introduction. If it goes well, perhaps I can work my way up to Montgomery.

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