Why Vietnam?

Short Answer: because Mike and Rebecca already did Thailand. Since I live vicariously through my friends, I figured I’d pick somewhere new.

Long Answer: Because Top Gear rode from the south to the north on scooters. Because Bourdain speaks of it with such passion. Because it created an inflection point in American culture, politics, and the lives of so many, yet we know almost nothing about what has happened there since The War. And because Bahn Mi, Pho, and Bun Cha.

This is my first trip to Asia since 2008, and the first I’m doing solo. I’ll admit to being a little more uncertain than most of my trips. Western Europe is no more complicated or intimidating than DC or SF, but Asia still presents a bit of risk and fear. Or, put in a more positive light, mystery.

I’m excited to share it with my community.

But seriously, screw airport CNN.

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