Stop the merry-go-round

We’d like to get off.

After a genuinely bad run of weeks, we’ve made it to March 7th and our long awaited trip to Portugal. In fact, I write this while flying somewhere over the Atlantic, on a plane equipped with heretofore unheard of international in-flight wifi.

First off, why Portugal? Quite simply because we haven’t. Knowing we wanted to get to Europe this year, we started talking about places we haven’t been. Portugal rose to the top of the list for being easy and affordable. Recent visits by friends confirmed that it was a good idea.

The plan is to head to Lisbon for a couple days, then rent a car and head out to Evora, a city inland in the high plains. From there, we’ll head north, and meander our way to Coimbra, a historic University town. Then it’s back to Lisbon and home. We’ll try to see a lot of the country in a week, without trying to keep a crazy schedule. We’re both in need of some carefree wandering.

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  1. I love the plan for carefree wandering and I’m glad your blog friends will get to enjoy a bit of it with you.

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