Kat and Colin: Worldwide and Always On

As has seemed to happen fairly regularly in recent years, we’re celebrating the fourth of July with a trip to Europe. Spain actually, and Barcelona specifically. This isn’t strictly a “fun” trip – I’ll be presenting at Edulearn 2015, and I’m looking forward to my first educational conference in quite a few years. However, fourth of July flight costs meant it was substantially cheaper to extend the trip a bit, so we’ll get to have some fun. Kat’s never been to Spain, so we’ll be loading up on churros and chocolate, drippy buildings, and tapas.

We’re sitting at the Minneapolis airport right now, but will be heading for Amsterdam shortly with a quick turnaround to Barcelona. We’ll get to Barcelona on Saturday afternoon. For the family members who like to know such things, our flight schedules are below. If you need to reach us, email, call, or text!

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

7/3/2015 MSP to AMS Delta Air Lines 164

7/3/2015 MSP to AMS Delta Air Lines 164

7/4/2015 AMS to BCN KLM 1673

7/10/2015 BCN to ATL Delta Air Lines 115

7/10/2015 ATL to MSP Delta Air Lines 1124

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  1. I’m enjoying the updates, as always, but really liking the Theta360 photos. They fill in the blanks really well.

    1. It’s really cool – I hope someone takes the tech and does a version with better sensors. This is great proof of concept, and I love the ease of use, but the dynamic range means it falls apart if you’ve got a mix of light and dark.

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